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Term 1 2019 TBC



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Killara Kids PMC

Killara Kids is a not-for-profit centre run by a Parent Management Committe.  Our PMC meets about once a term to ensure the service is managed according to legislation, acts, relevant guidelines & regulations.  We discuss ways to improve the service to the families of KPS.  If you would be interested in joining our committee & helping to run such an important service please speak to Katie.

OUR NEXT MEETING: Term 1 2019 Date TBC


Co-Presidents: Diana Zihlmann & Melissa Brunner

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Ben Newey  

To contact the committee: kkcommittee@bigpond.com


KKids Activities Term 2 2019


This term the students will combine various movement and basketball skills whilst participating in modified games and small sided games. The focus of these activities will be to improve and progress their passing, shooting, dribbling and attack/defensive skills. This will include individual and team practice.

 Communication, cooperation, decision making, and application of fundamental basketball rules will be applied throughout participation in these modified games. As a result, student will develop strategies for effective team work and skills to participate in a basketball game. 


Each Tuesday morning Killara Kids offers a 45-minute class with Wyllie Martial Arts. The classes are a great way for children to start out their day as it helps create focus and heighten concentration. The classes also help build confidence and self-esteem as 


A fun and interactive class where children are able to express their creativity through a range of different mediums. Children will work on various projects throughout the term using different materials such as acrylics, watercolors, pastels, mixed media and MORE! 


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND is the Killara Kids Drama Club! The classes include a mix of drama, music and movement with a strong focus on improvisational games. The classes teach self-expression, public speaking, lateral thinking and cooperation. 


Children will be constructing amazing technical models with motors and batteries to make their creations come to life! They will be introduced to all the STEM based concepts of engineering, coding, architecture and mechanics using LEGO® 


This term we will be offering a soccer skills program which is in line with the current FFA curriculum and the local NSFA curriculum. The program will be beneficial for both beginners and more intermediate players.

Our beginning players (discovery phase) will be engaging in exercises/games with hidden learning and lots of fun for them to hopefully fall in love with the game.

For our more intermediate players (skill acquisition phase) they will have a stronger focus on skill building, technique and game awareness. 


These classes are hands-on and interactive, teaching through edible education, which is an essential ingredient for raising healthy, happy children. Learning comes alive in the kitchen classroom, where kids mix maths, simmer science, and taste fun!

These cooking classes will be nut-free, egg-free and gluten-free.


Join us in discovering the exciting world of Animation and experience the magic of film production.
Each week the children will work in teams exploring different aspects of the 2D and stop motion animation process through fun and practical exercises. 



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Homework Club

Monday & Tuesday (PM)

Homework club at Killara Kids allows your child

  • A quiet place to complete their homework in the afternoon

  • An educator to help when things get tricky

  • An educator to read to (if they have a home reader)

Homework club will be running this term on a Wednesday & Thursday afternoon from 3:45pm - 4:15pm

To book in for any of these activities.  Please fill out the online form HERE