Daily Routines

We aim to provide daily routines that meet the needs of individual children in relation to each child’s social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development.

Killara Kids is the child’s time for play and leisure, this will be reflected in the daily routines. Homework needs will be addressed at the request of parents.

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Educational Program

We aim to develop and implement a balanced program that is stimulating, interesting and exciting which allows opportunities for children to play, explore and develop new skills and is appropriate to the developmental and leisure needs of all children. The Killara Kids program will reflect the cultural diversity of today’s society.

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We believe that excursions are an essential part of the centre's Vacation Care program as they provide variety and an opportunity to expand a child’s experience, explore different environments and learn new activities.

Parent’s permission will be sought for all excursions. Children on excursions will be ensured proper supervision and care for the full duration of the excursion.

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We aim to help the children develop their full potential regardless of their gender.

All children will be treated in the same manner and provided with the same access to all materials and equipment.

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Gender Equity

Acceptance & Refusal of Enrolments

Our policy on the acceptance and refusal of authorisations sets out the circumstances in which the service will require authorisation (permission) from parents.  Authorisation from parents is required to ensure the safety of the children and staff may refuse a parent/guardian’s request unless the authorisation is provided. 

For example, if a child is to attend an extra-curricular activity for which authorisation is required, but has not been given, this will result in the child not being able to participate in the activity.  Preferably, authorisation is required in written format, however in some circumstances verbal authorisation may be accepted at the discretion of staff. 

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Child Protection

We believe that the welfare of all children is of paramount importance and that the centre has an obligation to defend the child’s right to care and protection. Staff and management have a responsibility to take action to protect children they suspect may be at risk of harm. 

Killara Kids will carry out responsibilities of mandatory reporters as indicated under legislation. This responsibility involves following the procedures as outlined by the NSW Department of Community Services and the Commission for Children and Young People.

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Dealing with Medical Conditions

At Killara Kids we will work closely with children, families and where relevant schools and health professionals to manage medical conditions of children attending the service. We will support children with medical conditions to participate fully in the day to day program in the service in order to promote their sense of wellbeing, connectedness and belonging to the service ( “My Time, Our Place”).

Our Educators will be fully aware of the nature and management of any child’s medical condition and will respect the child and the family’s confidentiality (“My Time, Our Place”). The medical conditions policy will be provided to parents who identify that their child has a medical condition and a medical plan will be completed for each child that identifies with a medical condition.

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Staff in the centre must be prepared to handle all incidents in a professional and sensitive manner.

In the event of such tragic circumstance as the death of a child, the staff will follow guidelines as set out below.

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Death of a Child

It is vital that if an emergency arises, it is handled effectively and with consideration for all involved.  Supporting Educators and children with an emergency requires vigilant planning and consistent implementation.

Effective management of emergency situations provides an opportunity to help support and build on children’s coping mechanisms and resilience

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Emergency Evacuation

First aid equipment and facilities will be available to all staff, children and visitors in the centre and while on excursions. All staff will be encouraged to undertake first aid training as part of their conditions of employment to ensure full and proper care of all is maintained.

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First Aid

Killara Kids recognises the importance of healthy eating to the growth & development of young children and is committed to supporting the healthy food & drink choices of children in their care. This policy concerns the provision of healthy food & drink whilst at Killara Kids.

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Food and Nutrition

By maximising responsiveness of the prospective hazards of chemicals and equipment, we aim to condense the risk of harm to Educators, children and families by ensuring hazardous products are safely stored and controlled. 


We will ensure that all activities undertaken while the service is in operation will not be potentially hazardous and that all hazardous materials will be stored appropriately.

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