Free Painting with Steph

I wanted to created an experience that allowed for a group to have complete freedom with paint and create whatever they wanted. I provided primary colours to encourage colour-mixing and silver glitter for an extra fun element. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 1.25.48 pm.png


Excitement grew for painting when I carried the tub with the smocks and assorted materials onto the Cola. “What are we painting?” came the resounding question. The answer of “Whatever you want!” resulted in happy exclamations from the group. 

I asked Abi to choose some paper for me and she brought out a huge roll, telling me that her Dad bought it for KK and demonstrating her sense of pride. The roll of paper sparked an idea to create a collaborative piece of art. The girls unanimously chose to make the ocean, an extension of what they are doing in their class at the moment. 

The atmosphere around the paper was wonderful. Everyone contributed a different element to the ocean and Charlotte ensured that they had added every animal they could think of. Each member of the group had kind words to offer to their peers, encouraging them throughout the process and making themselves available to help in any way possible. It was fantastic to see such positive social interaction and respect for one another. It was evident that a safe and supportive space was created, as the children felt confident to have input and experiment with different ideas. 

The girls were quick to problem-solve when any paint was spilled onto the painting, showing their resilience and flexibility when faced with a potential obstacle. The group demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of colours through the new colours they enthusiastically created, again using collaboration and trial and error to achieve what they needed. Sophie worked tirelessly to make brown, persisting with excellent determination throughout the entire experience. When she created a great shade of grey instead, the girls worked made the best of the situation by painting a huge shark. 

The group created an amazing painting that they were extremely proud of and experienced immense joy in making. The girls still need to finish painting the sea, which we will ensure happens. It is currently displayed inside KK and will continue to be so upon completion. 


“This is amazing!” - Charlotte
“Why don’t we mix the glitter into the paint?” - Abi
“Guys why don’t we use our hands to paint?” - Sophie
“I’m going to do the writing. I’m doing it upside down.” - Natalie
“We need to make sure we have more blue! We need lots for the sea.” - Aitana