Gardening Club at KK

This month we have begun some implementing some practices to improve our sustainability at KK. We have been working with the Gardening Club to revitalise our old compost bin, and it is now up and running! Scraps from food preparation, as well as children’s leftovers are being collected and composed for use at the Secret Garden.


We will also be planting some native flowering plants in the garden to promote pollinating insects. In Week 7, the kids constructed a bug hotel (Air Bee n Bee) for the Secret garden which will hopefully become home to some of the local creepy-crawlies.



We have also implemented some small day-to-day changes which improve our sustainability, such as reductions in electricity and water usage, and a focus on recycling and reuse rather than waste.



This project will be used as an opportunity to educate children, educators & families about sustainable behaviour. We hope to instill in the children a respect for the environment, and to help them become conscious of their impact on the world around them, so that they can grow up as responsible members of society.