Our STEAM Program


Our Term 1 Unit of Inquiry



As part of our programming at Killara Kids, we have incorporated STEAM into our daily activities. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths and incorporates everyday skills such as making, solving, calculating, creating, building, constructing, designing and inventing, just to name a few.


It is commonly said that if an education destroys a student’s love of learning, then it has failed. The number one benefit of STEAM is that it develops children’s love of learning. Instilling that passion and drive to learn is at it’s most crucial stage during the elementary years.


During our STEAM program we hope that students engage and apply concepts in a deeper, more thorough way, leading to a greater understanding of the ideas. STEAM is creative and adaptable, making it accessible to children of all levels of ability. Even within one team, various ability levels can work together and learn together.



Our aim for this program is to foster children’s creativity and allow them to think critically when tackling tricky ideas, while also providing them the resources and direction to flourish in these areas.


Children will expect to see activities such as cooking delicious food, creating towers out of sticks, programming on computers during code rangers, creating volcanoes and more. At Killara Kids we believe that children can learn through play and we hope to instil a love of learning in the children that participate in these activities.



Written by our STEAM PROGRAMMER - Eliza