Loose Parts at Killara Kids

What is lose parts play?

The theory of lose parts is the incorporation of materials into the program which have no apparent play purpose.  They are parts that can be moved, manipulated, combined, re-designed etc.  Loose parts can include items such as corks, zippers, bottle tops fabrics etc. And on a larger scale, items such as milk crates, buckets, tyres, barrels & wooden stumps.

What is the inspiration behind this idea?

Sydney University has been conducting a research project based on play and the many benefits associated with outdoor non-structured play, called the Sydney Playground Project.  The aim of the research project was to increase children’s physical health, mental health, social intelligence & participation.

Will my child/ren be playing with junk?

No & yes!  The loose parts provided for play will be recycled & re-used products sourced from op-shops, family donations & Reverse Garbage.  The resources will be assessed to ensure they are safe.  In our Loose parts trolley we have collected so far; boxes, bottle tops, zippers, technology (that no longer works), pegs, paddle-pop sticks, cardboard rolls & more

If you have anything to donate please let us know!

Partnership with KPS

Killara Kids will be partnering with Killara Public School to help implement this new program into the school environment with a play pod. 

Due to the reduced size of our play space due to the building works, we have decided to introduce more engaging activities into the playground during lunch & recess.  One of these initiatives you have probably already noticed; is the new sandpit. This addition to the playground has been such a hit with many children enjoying the new experience.

In Term 4 we will see the arrival of our next play option, the play pod.  The play pod is a shipping container which will home loose parts for the children to play with.

Killara Kids will be performing a risk benefit assessment which will be available to anyone who is interested on their website from next term.

For more information on the theory of loose parts please visit:

Sydney Playground Project

Reverse Garbage