National Science Week!

Last week was National Science Week & lucky for us, KK LOVES science experiments!!


A couple of weeks ago we started an activity board to give some ideas of what sorts of activities we could do during the week.  This has been a great success as the kids have loved some of the staff suggestions.




But we also put up a poster asking about what sorts of sciency things we could do for science week!


Most of the kids wanted to do cooking! But we had some suggestions of the coke & mentos explosions, crystal growing, learning about gravity, the science of food, learning about matter & the human body!!!

Experiment #1: Crystal Growing


We followed the procedure provided, mixing together some different ingredients (wearing our super safety gear of course!) and putting them aside to react with one another, HOPEFULLY growing into real impressive crystals in a few weeks time! They are on our windowsill if you’d like to have a look next time you’re in

Experiment #2: Soap Clouds

On Tuesday, Tash ran an experiment where we put soap in the microwave.  First we sat down & wrote down what our hypothesis would be.  We all had very different ideas!

Then we put it in the microwave.  The photos below shows what they looked like afterwards.

We then discussed with Tash that there was a chemical change & how do we know their was a chemical change??? (we are very lucky to have Tash & Baree studying forensic science @ uni or we might have been stuck on this question!)

Experiment # 3: Expanding Gummy Bears

Today we tested out gummy bears and their ‘expanding capacity’. We had a few guesses as to what we thought would happen to gummy bears if they were submerged in a bowl of water for a while. Our little scientists made some really great predictions and justified them all very well!

Experiment #4: Classic Mentos & Coke Experiment


It’s our old favourite... We put a little spin on it this time to keep it interesting and tested three different brands of Coke; the Homebrand, Pepsi and Diet Coke. We made predictions about which would have the biggest reactions; many children based their predictions on the sugar content of the drink. It was all a bit of a ‘fizzer’ though as no explosions happened!! Coke sprayed everywhere but the result was nothing like what we have seen on YouTube! So we made some predictions about why it may not have worked, and what we would change next time.

Experiment #5: Naked Eggs!

Today we put two eggs in a glass each and covered them with either brown or white vinegar. We know they are meant to lose their shell magically “from the internet”, but how and when? We left them over the weekend for checking on Monday.

Where to next??
- Science week so well that we are going to be incorporating more science experiments into our program on a ongoing basis

-Next Friday afternoon our two science wizzes; Tash & Baree will be holding a Crime Scene Day!! Will you be able to decode the secret gameness, finish the scavenger hunt, play the clue game & have your fingerprints checked?? All this and more next Friday afternoon!!


Do you have any ideas for Science experiments for us to try??