Skoolbag - Killara Kids App trial


We are currently trialing an app called Skoolbag to help improve communication with families.

 We know the new website has been of great help to a lot of parents but we also know that this will not work for everyone.  The app can send push notifications to remind families of excursions, events at the centre, newsletters etc.

The app will also allow families to fill on electronic forms for extra curricular, waiting list forms & even vacation care forms.  

As we are in the early stages the app is only available on the apple store under Killara Kids.  Once with have it up and running & if families decide we should continue with the app we will bring it out on the play store for android devices.  

So how can you download our new app.  You can visit our website home page with instructions on how you can access the app or click the link below which will show you how.  (please remember the app is currently only able to be downloaded on apple devices)

Instructions download

And don't forget to let us know what you think below!!