A sneak peak inside KK

A few changes can be seen around KK in the last couple of days!

Today we said goodbye to our All About the Killara Kids wall display (don't worry it will be coming back with some new insights very soon!)  The kids will be happy to take home their self portraits I am sure!

In our window you can see what we got up to last school holidays with our artworks inspired by Jackson Pollock!  Inside KK we also have 2 large canvas' which we decorated with paint using syringes, popping balloons full of paint & just throwing paint around the room!  You can see in one of the pictures below we still have bits of balloon stuck on our canvas'


Today we started brainstorming how we might celebrate World Environment Day this Friday!  We asked the children how we might celebrate using art activities, outdoor activities & any other ideas.  We documented this in our Killara Stories Journal as well as on our wall display.


We started celebrating World Environment Day today by using recyclables to create some great craft including cars, planes, shields and swords.  See our pictures below of some of the kids ideas about what we could do on Friday:

We also have a great new rewards chart at the centre.  Each child's name has been written up on the chart.  Do something amazing, kind, helpful & you will receive a sticker next to your name.  Once you receive 5 stickers you will get to pick a prize from our prize box.  The children chose what they wanted in the box.  It includes; stationary & games from smiggle & rubix cubes.  Soon to come will be books as well!