Our Day with Sydney Cooking School

Today ‘Sydney Cooking School’ visited Killara Kids.   

Before they arrived we decorated our very own chef hats which we wore while we were cooking.

We all decorated our hats very colourfully! Leroy added cupcakes & hotdogs to his chef hat & Robert wrote ‘I love cooking’ on his!

Sushi making


When Sydney Cooking School arrived we made Sushi first. 

“First thing we did is we spread the rice around the bottom edge of the seaweed.  It was really sticky and we had to put our hands in water to get the rice off.  Then we got some filling, some carrots, cucumber & tuna and we could design it however we wanted.  Then we took the bamboo and rolled it into a round cylinder.  Then we gave it to the teachers and they cut it into pieces for us” – Leroy (year six)


We then made pizza:

“We got a piece of dough and I hit it up and rolled it.  I put some tomato sauce on and I put some ham & some cheese.  The teachers cooked the pizza.  Then we ate the pizza and then we ate the cupcake!” –Noah (kindy)


Then we decorated cupcakes:

I put sprinkles on my cupcake & purple icing.  It was very yummy.  I ate the whole thing.  I really love it.” – Rebekah (kindy)

Through today’s activities children were able to experience what it means to be responsible for their own health & wellbeing.  Children were encourages to think about healthy lifestyles & nutrition.  It was great to see the children experiencing a range of foods and even trying foods they had never tried before!!

“This is the first time I have ever liked sushi!”

-Robert T. (year 2)

It is activities like these that help build the foundation for independence.  To further develop these experience we will continue to explore healthy lifestyle choices throughout Term 2.