Origami Creations

With Max McMillan

Written by Samantha

Tuesday 21st November 2017

This afternoon Max requested to do origami for the second afternoon this week. He grabbed the iPad as he explored the best video tutorial to learn different origami patterns to create.

“It’s fun, I like doing it. I’m making a circulu, the paper has to be long for it to work!”

Max spent the majority of the afternoon creating different patterns & engaged into his activity.

Max showed himself to be a confident & involved learner as he extended on his own interests of origami with confidence, commitment & enthusiasm. Through dispositions such a creativity & persistence, Max successfully completed his ‘circulu’ pattern & was extremely proud of his achievement.


Through the principle of partnerships it is vital that educators create welcoming & open spaces for children to collaborate & contribute their ideas to experiences. This showed today through responding to Max’s request to create origami & providing him with the resources to do so.

Educators build on children’s strengths, interests & skills to extend on their knowledge & ensure their engagement in experiences. Todays spontaneous experience allowed me to engage in conversation with Max whilst responding to his interests thus in turn strengthening our relationship.