Recycling Soft Plastics at KK

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At KK we are always looking for ways to help the environment. Coles and Woolies have partnered with REDCycle to help the waste problem in Australia. They are collecting and recycling soft/flexible plasticsSoft or flexible plastics are any plastics that can be scrunched into a ball or broken by hand, and includes business packaging waste such as shrink wrap, bubble wrap or large plastic bags.

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Under the program, Coles/Woolies provide REDcycle recycling bins for soft plastics at all Coles supermarkets. Customers can recycle plastic bags and soft plastic packaging using specially marked bins at the front of their stores. The plastic is then recycled and converted into new products, including outdoor furniture.

Since the program began in 2011, Coles has diverted more than 542 million pieces of flexible plastic, or 2.1 million kg, from landfill across Australia. Customers can recycle:

  • Shopping bags including reusable 'green’ bags

  • Fresh fruit and veggie bags and wrappers

  • Bread bags

  • Cereal box liners

  • Biscuit wrappers and confectionery packaging

  • Rice and pasta packets and frozen food bags

If this is something you would like to participate in, please feel free to bring in any soft or flexible plastics and a staff member will take it up to the recycling bins.