Planning & Programming

Our educators take pride in our program and planning for children at Killara Kids. We have a range of educators with different backgrounds that bring a range of skills and strengths to our team. Each week, a group of educators meet to plan the weekly program which is formed around children’s current interests and requests.

By following the National Quality Framework(NQF), our educators plan experiences that promote children’s learning and development through challenging and age appropriate experiences. Some of these include, cooking, woodwork, sports, arts & crafts.

“I believe children are capable learners and should have ownership over the program. I believe children’s opinions, interests, strengths, skills and abilities should be valued and included in our program so we are able to extend and develop their learning through play.” - Katie

Children are encouraged to voice their input to the program and through the use of our floor book, we do surveys, questionnaires and suggestion boxes on what they would like to throughout the week so that educators can use this when planning the program.